Month: June 2013

10 Favorite Food Trucks in NYC

food truck

Trucks serving falafel or halal chicken over rice have fed everyone from midtown office workers and outer-borough families for years. The food truck phenomenon has taken New York by storm and the quality, variety, and sheer number of these things has never been greater ever. There is no shortage of street-side gourmet food available across NY, but with all of the intriguing and delicious-smelling options out there, which ones are worth lining up for along the street? Our top 10 list will guide you on where to find the best food trucks in New York

1. Are you in a mood for seafood? Try Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck!! This amazing food truck brings sensational seafood straight from the Maine coast to the five boroughs.

2. Love Waffles? Wafels & Dinges is a mobile “indulgence”. It offers “real-deal” Belgian waffles fresh-pressed with love.

3. If you love Asian food you must try Rickshaw Dumpling, this food truck takes dumplings to another level.

4. Looking for something sweet? Sugar is waiting for you at The Treats Truck

5. Schnitzels and German things are your thing? Try Schnitzel & Things

6. The GO Burger Truck takes the gourmet burger experience on the road.

7. Turning “traditional soft-serve” ice cream into a “culinary treat”, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is a big. I am sure you don’t want to be left out, when everyone is talking about it. Go ahead! Indulge yourself!

8. The Cinnamon Snail, vegan and organic food to inspire peace and bliss!

9. Yvonne’s Jamaican Food Truck has the best jerk chicken in town!

10. Korilla BBQ, presents classic Korean recipes in contemporary forms. We’re talking tacos, chosun bowls, and burritos like you’ve never had before.

Photo Credit: Flickr / ricardodiaz11

5 ways to have fun while exercising in New York City

yoga times square

Summer is here and those workouts at the gym are becoming a little boring. The best way to get that summer body this year is staying fit without even realizing you’re exercising!  New York City has the greatest places to exercise while exploring the arts and cultures and still being able to have fun! Feel good about yourself and choose from our not-so typical ways to exercise in New York City.


Whether you’re a coach potato or an athlete, yoga is for everyone! For a more peaceful setting check out Sonic Yoga near Midtown West or New York Yoga on Upper East Side. After work get some mental clarity and relax your mind.

Belly Dancing

Did you know that belly dancing can allow you burn up to 300 calories per hour? Take some belly dancing classes for some toned muscles, improved posture, and even stress reduction! You can either go to Groove Fit on 116st street in Harlem or RISE Dance Company on Murray Hill.


Take some Zumba classes at Z Club NY in Midtown East or try Manhattan Motion Dance Studio in Upper West Side. If you like Latin-inspired dancing this is a great workout for you and might even push you to move faster than you ever moved before!

African Dance Classes

Dance to live drums and release some stress while taking some African dance classes. It’s great for weight loss for both women and men. Take some classes at Dance New Amsterdam in Tribeca or Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance in Brooklyn.

Martial Arts

Believe it or not marital arts classes are another good choice to build strength and flexibility. Get some endurance at Bryant Park and do Tai Chi for free. Oh and let’s not forget martial arts is great for gaining more confidence!

What are some other ways you prefer exercising while having fun?

Photo Credit: Flickr / D&S McSpadden

Places for Iced Coffee Lovers this summer in NYC

ice coffee

If you’re a coffee lover like me, especially iced coffee, then you should know that New York runs on coffee! Whether you prefer frosty cappuccinos, mochas, or iced lattes, New York has some of the best places to enjoy your ice coffee with style in the heat.

We all have our addictions, coffee just happen to be yours! Take a look at some of the coolest spots for iced coffee in New York City that best fits you.

The Jazzy Iced Coffee Drinker

You will love Cafe Sabarsky on a hot summer day while you enjoy their coffee that almost taste like desserts made of hazelnuts, raspberries, ice cream, and more. Go to 1048 5th Ave and feel like you’re in a classic coffee house like the ones in a movie!

The Laid Back Coffee Drinker

After a long day, you can relax at B Cup Café where you can enjoy your iced coffee on the sofa or lounge with your laptop or on the outdoor benches with your friends.  Take a train to East Village and while you’re there try their frosty vanilla and white chocolate café mocha!

The Italian Coffee Drinker

Try something new and check out a Greenwich Village classic, Caffe Reggio. Their iced coffee is made with roasted Arabica beans that you might fall in love with!

The Simple Coffee Drinker

Whether it’s daytime or at night, French Roast will be open so you can be able to enjoy a simple iced cappuccino this summer on 78 W 11th St.

The Frugal Coffee Drinker

Believe it or not despite contrary belief, I love getting my French vanilla ice coffee from McDonald’s! While Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are too busy competing, don’t underestimate a $2 iced coffee from McDonald’s. The best part is, there’s one on almost every other block of New York!

What kind of coffee drinker are you?

Photo credit: Flickr/Krabiman

Top 5 Places to Enjoy The 4th of July Fireworks in NYC

fireworks, 4th of july, nyc, skyline

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks in NYC over the Hudson River

The 4th of July is one of the best times of the year to create fun memories with your family and friends. But the question is where are these memories going to take place? Have you figured out where you want to watch the fireworks at this year? No need to worry, we came up with some of the best places to watch the fireworks in New York City for you.

5. Pier 84 If you want a good view, it has limited access starting at 44th street.

4. Side Streets Don’t underestimate the side streets! You can also view the lights in the sky between 11th and 12th avenues. Remember its New York City, so expect big crowds and get there early for the best spot.

3. River Side Park South The park closes at 4pm for new visitors so we suggest to come early and bring your iPod and food.

2. West Side Highway Pick an entrance on 12th Avenue between 14th and 59th Streets and enjoy the amazing fireworks. It’s almost impossible to avoid the crowds but you can try finding a good spot. The show usually begins at 9:20pm.

1. CitySightseeing New York Fourth of July Fireworks Cruise

Now what better place to enjoy 4th of July than partying with us? Who wants to battle with the crowds on Independence Day? This year have your own private celebration and get your ticket for City Sightseeing NY’s special July 4th Fireworks Cruise before it’s too late. The fireworks are just part of the journey you can dance the night away with some delicious food while watching the skyline of New York with your family or friends.

Do you have other plans in mind for Independence Day? Tell us.

Summer at the South Street Seaport

View from Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport

The view from Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport

There’s nothing better than being able to go out to eat with family, listen to live music with friends, watch a free outdoor film with a date, and shop as much as you like! What greater place to do all of that in one day than at South Street Seaport?

Did you go on your summer shopping spree yet? South Street Seaport has some top designer stores or if you are the kind of person who likes unique pieces, you will love the seasonal vendors.

Also, the seaport’s See Change program will run through the summer as an effort to recover from the Hurricane Sandy and it includes Smorgasbar, Front Row Cinema and other cultural events.

After a long day and fun, if you are in a mood for a glass of wine or beer, try Smorgasbar, a cousin of the famous Brooklyn market, Smorgasburg. It’s always fun to get some good food and drink outside where you can choose from these staples:

  • Asia Dog
  • Blue Marble Ice Cream
  • Brooklyn Oyster Party
  • Brooklyn Soda Works
  • Milk Truck
  • Pizza Moto
  • Red Hook Lobster Pound

So, what do you find most interesting when you go to South Street Seaport?