5 ways to have fun while exercising in New York City

yoga times square

Summer is here and those workouts at the gym are becoming a little boring. The best way to get that summer body this year is staying fit without even realizing you’re exercising!  New York City has the greatest places to exercise while exploring the arts and cultures and still being able to have fun! Feel good about yourself and choose from our not-so typical ways to exercise in New York City.


Whether you’re a coach potato or an athlete, yoga is for everyone! For a more peaceful setting check out Sonic Yoga near Midtown West or New York Yoga on Upper East Side. After work get some mental clarity and relax your mind.

Belly Dancing

Did you know that belly dancing can allow you burn up to 300 calories per hour? Take some belly dancing classes for some toned muscles, improved posture, and even stress reduction! You can either go to Groove Fit on 116st street in Harlem or RISE Dance Company on Murray Hill.


Take some Zumba classes at Z Club NY in Midtown East or try Manhattan Motion Dance Studio in Upper West Side. If you like Latin-inspired dancing this is a great workout for you and might even push you to move faster than you ever moved before!

African Dance Classes

Dance to live drums and release some stress while taking some African dance classes. It’s great for weight loss for both women and men. Take some classes at Dance New Amsterdam in Tribeca or Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance in Brooklyn.

Martial Arts

Believe it or not marital arts classes are another good choice to build strength and flexibility. Get some endurance at Bryant Park and do Tai Chi for free. Oh and let’s not forget martial arts is great for gaining more confidence!

What are some other ways you prefer exercising while having fun?

Photo Credit: Flickr / D&S McSpadden


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