10 Favorite Food Trucks in NYC

food truck

Trucks serving falafel or halal chicken over rice have fed everyone from midtown office workers and outer-borough families for years. The food truck phenomenon has taken New York by storm and the quality, variety, and sheer number of these things has never been greater ever. There is no shortage of street-side gourmet food available across NY, but with all of the intriguing and delicious-smelling options out there, which ones are worth lining up for along the street? Our top 10 list will guide you on where to find the best food trucks in New York

1. Are you in a mood for seafood? Try Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck!! This amazing food truck brings sensational seafood straight from the Maine coast to the five boroughs.

2. Love Waffles? Wafels & Dinges is a mobile “indulgence”. It offers “real-deal” Belgian waffles fresh-pressed with love.

3. If you love Asian food you must try Rickshaw Dumpling, this food truck takes dumplings to another level.

4. Looking for something sweet? Sugar is waiting for you at The Treats Truck

5. Schnitzels and German things are your thing? Try Schnitzel & Things

6. The GO Burger Truck takes the gourmet burger experience on the road.

7. Turning “traditional soft-serve” ice cream into a “culinary treat”, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is a big. I am sure you don’t want to be left out, when everyone is talking about it. Go ahead! Indulge yourself!

8. The Cinnamon Snail, vegan and organic food to inspire peace and bliss!

9. Yvonne’s Jamaican Food Truck has the best jerk chicken in town!

10. Korilla BBQ, presents classic Korean recipes in contemporary forms. We’re talking tacos, chosun bowls, and burritos like you’ve never had before.

Photo Credit: Flickr / ricardodiaz11


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