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The Top 5 Moments of 2012 in NYC

The Giants winning the Super Bowl was the 2nd best moment in NYC this year

The Giants winning the Super Bowl was the 2nd best moment in NYC this year

New York City has had itself another incredible year.  There was drama, there was excitement, there was revival, and now, in classic end-of-the-year style, we are going to make a list of the top 5 moments in NYC in 2012.

5. One World Trade Center becomes the tallest building in New York

Late in April, a steel beam labeled “1271 feet” was attached to One World Trade Center and the building in progress officially passed the Empire State Building as the tallest in the city.  This was a symbolic victory for New York as it showed that you may be able to knock us down, but we’ll come back stronger than ever.  Little did we know that this wouldn’t be the last time we made that statement in 2012.

4. Linsanity takes over Madison Square Garden

At this point, it seems like so long ago that the perennial d-leaguer from Harvard who was living on his brother’s couch was able to take over New York City, but it happened in 2012.  Linsanity took New York by storm and truly changed the culture of New York Knicks basketball.  Now, Jeremy Lin is playing in Houston, but the rekindled passion for Knicks hoops hasn’t gone anywhere.

3. Barclays Center Opens in Brooklyn

This September, Jay-Z performed a sold out show just blocks from the rough, Brooklyn neighborhood that he grew up in.  This was the first show at the new Brooklyn arena, and began a new era in the outer borough’s entertainment.  The Nets are Brooklyn’s first major sports team since the Dodgers moved west.  The Islanders are also planning a move to Brooklyn and out of the Nassau Coliseum.  And now Brooklyn has it’s answer to Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden, where the biggest names in show business will perform.

2. The Giants win the Super Bowl

On New Year’s Day, the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys to get into the postseason.  That was the beginning of a ride that culminated in upset victory after upset victory and a second Vince Lombardi trophy in four years.  It was also the second time that the team beat the New England Patriots in the final game, giving NYC another step up in the never-ending New York/Boston sports rivalry.

1. Recovering from Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast harder than any storm in recent memory.  It washed away homes and lives, and left New York City in a state of unparalleled despair.  Names like Breezy Point and Red Hook became popularized throughout the world, not because of the great places that they are, but because of the devastation the faced.  New York City was dark.

But we have come together, and like I said before, you can knock New York down, but you can’t knock us out.  We have started to rebuild, but it will take time.  We have raised money and food and clothes, but for some we are still years away from finding normalcy.  The reason that the Sandy recovery effort is the number one moment in New York City this year is because it is not just one moment or one concert, but a constant series of moments.  Every day since the storm has come and gone, New Yorkers have come together to help one another and provide even further proof that we have the best city in the world.

Honorable Mentions:

The ESB Light Show was very cool!

The Rangers made hockey fans out of all of us again

John A. Paulson gave Central Park $100 million

The Space Shuttle Enterprise shot across our sky

How To Keep Up Your New Year’s Resolution in NYC

Last year our community manager, Shannon, offered up her 10 New Year’s resolutions in New York City.  As a native of Florida, there was so much in NYC that she still hadn’t explored and needed to experience.  This year, we are going to help you keep your resolutions when you come and visit the city that never sleeps.

Lose Weight

So you’ve gone to the gym for an entire week but on January 8th you are taking your family on a New York City vacation.  Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution: The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

Central Park Reservoir

As someone who has lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, I have not found a better place to run than the beautiful reservoir in Central Park.  Surrounding the reservoir is an all-dirt track 1.58 miles in length, which is perfect for walking or running at any pace.  The crowds never seem to get overwhelming and the track is wide enough that you never need to break stride to pass a group moving slower than you.  Plus, the scenery and surrounding Manhattan skyline is so beautiful that once you finish your workout, you’ll end up doing just one more lap because you won’t want to leave.

Spend More Time with the Family

You have a job that keeps you in the office all night and traveling during the weekends?  If you want to spend more time with your family, New York is the place to do it.  There are just about a billion restaurants in New York City that are perfect for the whole family and probably even more shows.  Go for a night on the town with dinner and a show.  Take a double-decker bus tour and see all of the sights together.  Take a stroll through the Museum of Natural History where anyone from 8-80 year old will find something they love.  There are so many things to do in New York with the family that you won’t be disappointed.

Quit Smoking

This is a popular resolution, and really, you should come to NYC just kick this one off because you pretty much can’t smoke here.  There is no smoking in any restaurants or bars in New York.  There is no smoking at sporting stadiums, beaches, boardwalks, golf courses, playgrounds, or pedestrian plazas like Times Square and Herald Square.  All New York City Parks are almost entirely smoke free.  If you are a law-abiding citizen trying to quit smoking, a trip to New York City isn’t a bad idea.

Learn Something New

No one wants to go another year with the same, useless knowledge dwindling around in their heads.  It’s time to re-educate ourselves.  And where is the perfect place to learn some new things, you ask?  (Hint: there’s a theme here)

New York Public Library

In New York City!  Stop in one of the world’s most incredible libraries, the New York Public Library on 5th and 40th.  Go to one of NYC’s famous museums like the Guggenheim or the MoMA, or maybe go to a less famous museum like the National Museum of the American Indian near Battery Park.  You won’t regret it.

So, what is your New Year’s Resolution?  How do you plan on keeping it up while you’re visiting New York City this year?  Tell us in the comments or share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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*There are not actually a billion restaurants in NYC, but there sure are a lot.

New Year’s Eve in NYC: On the Water

NYE Cruise

Editor’s Note: This post was initially published on our sister company, CitySightseeing NY’s blog, and we are republishing it here because we believe that the information provided will serve our fans well. Enjoy!

There is no place in the world better to celebrate the New Year in than New York City.  Millions of people descend upon the boroughs to take part in one of the most exciting nights of the year.  Some go to Times Square to watch the ball drop in person.  Some go to overcrowded nightclubs where Auld Lang Syne is replaced with house music.  This year, there might be a better option.

Have you ever enjoyed the New Year on the water?  Count down the seconds to a new beginning on the Hudson River?  Why no, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have such a magical experience. Here are two great options:

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise ($150)

  • 3 hour cruise
  • Open bar
  • Live DJ entertainment & dancing
  • Champagne toast at midnight
  • Desserts and coffee
  • Light food options available for purchase on board

 New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise ($275)

  • 5 hour cruise
  • Premium open bar
  • Live DJ entertainment & dancing
  • Champagne toast at midnight
  • Passing Butlered Hors d’Oeuvres
  • Formal Sit Down Dinner Includes:
    • Salad
    • Surf & Turf: Prime Rib & Shrimp
    • Medley of Seasonal Vegetable
    • Oven Roasted Baby New Potates
    • Dessert
    • Coffee & Herbal Tea

This year, don’t worry about fighting the crowd to get a good spot (or a good drink). Reserve your spot on a New Year’s Eve Harbor Cruise and enjoy the night.

nye cruise