Ride of Fame to Honor Air Supply

Yesterday we talked about the IIi campaign, and today we’re putting it into practice.  On Saturday, October 13th, Air Supply will be honored as the inaugural Immortal member of the Ride of Fame.

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock compose one of pop music’s greatest duos of all time.  For 37 years the band has been taking the world by storm and now it is such an exciting time to be honoring them in New York City.  The Ride of Fame induction ceremony will be taking place at Pier 78 at 3 p.m., and afterward the band famous for such hits as “All out of Love,” “Lost in Love” and “Making Love out of Nothing at all,” will head over to B.B. King’s for two shows.

As always with the Ride of Fame, the fans come first, so once again we will be accepting VIP Requests.  Tweet at us, post on Facebook, and tell us why you deserve to be a VIP.  Next week we will let all of the VIPs know if they were selected.


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