The Ride of Fame: Immortal. It. Imminent.

If you’ve been following along, you may have heard that the Ride of Fame is taking on a new look.  The Ride of Fame is stretching its wings and expanding outside of New York.  This month, we are introducing three new categories to the mix:  Immortal.  It.  Imminent.  We will be honoring celebrities all across the world by commemorating their moment in time on the Ride of Fame.

  • Immortal:  The legend.  The person who will never leave our hearts, whose name we will never forget.  This is celebrity who has changed the world and will always be a part of history.
  • It:  It’s the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  It’s Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11.  The celebrity that is here-and-now.  ‘It’ is the story that everyone is talking about.
  • Imminent:  The up-and-comer.  The next big thing.  The celebrity that is right on the edge of greatness, it’s so close that we can taste it!

In the coming weeks, we will be initiating the IIi with a few Immortals.  Our Ride of Fame ceremonies are going to be bigger than ever, with red carpet entrances and a dedication unlike anything we’ve done before.  So, do you think you know who is coming up?  If you have been following the press, you should!  If not, stay tuned, because we have some more big announcements coming soon.


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