Yankee Stadium

5 Can’t Miss Events This Week in NYC

This week in NYC we have soccer, country music, and Park Avenue is shutting down for a party:

Manchester City take on Liverpool in a friendly at Yankee Stadium Wednesday, July 30

soccer yankees

Photo: worldsoccertalk.com

Blake Shelton take on Madison Square Garden Friday, August 1

blake shelton msg

Photo: thegarden.com

Summer Streets is back to its old ways, closing down Park Ave all day Saturday, August 2

summerstreets map

Photo: nyc.gov

The Museum of the Moving Image will be hosting a special screening and event with Film Critic Kenneth Turan Sunday, August 3


Photo: movinimage.us

The Prospect Park Food Truck Rally can be enjoyed by all Sunday, August 3

food truck rally

Photo: prospectpark.org


Review: Bronx Loop Double-Decker Bus Tour

Yankee Stadium

Every week, Gray Line New York will be highlighting a “Partner of the Week” on our blog. We are going to provide a review for a new partner’s product and share our own insights and experiences. This week, we are diving into one of  our own products, the brand new Bronx Loop.

I was excited to go on the Gray Line New York Bronx Loop not only because it is new, but because it also included the Uptown Loop, which I have yet to experience- Not to mention I am a huge Yankee fan and any opportunity to see the stadium is exciting for me.

Before we get to the Bronx Loop, I first got on an Uptown Loop bus and took the first half of that route. Right from Times Square, I hopped on the Uptown bus with dozens of excited tourists. I was just as excited as everyone else and immediately went up the stairs to the top deck of the bus to ensure the best views possible. Even though it was slightly chilly and windy, I have zero regrets about this decision.

columbus circle

Columbus Circle

Uptown Manhattan is personally one of my favorite areas in the city because of its historical and architecturally great buildings and this tour only enhanced my adoration for the Upper West Side. We were taken around the Upper West Side passing views from Central Park to the Hudson River. I enjoyed learning where famous people lived and seeing great landmarks which I have never gotten the chance to see or learn about such as, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the General Grant National Memorial.

Upon arriving to the Harlem Market, it was time for me to hop off the Uptown bus and get on a bus to the Bronx. I had a few minutes to spare which was great because I got to walk through the markets and browse through the unique cultural items featured, from handmade jewelry to purses and scarves. After I was done looking, I hopped on the Bronx Loop bus and took a ride through the Bronx to Yankee Stadium. Prior to the arrival at the stadium, I enjoyed learning about the diverse cultures that subside in the Bronx and the art and history contained in the northern borough.

Once arriving at the Yankee Stadium stop, we had about 20 minutes to explore the surrounding areas, so I hopped off and took several pictures of the new stadium. I noticed their official store was open, so I walked through the store and found dozens of trinkets decked out in Yankee logos. After purchasing a shirt, I made it back to the bus just in time for departure.

Central Park West

Central Park West

In no time, we made it back to the Harlem Markets to transfer back onto the Uptown Loop. The remainder of the Uptown Loop took us back down on 5th Avenue to see the beauty of this side of the city. I was able to see many parts of the Park that I have never gotten the chance to see before. The beauty of the park during this early spring time fascinated me and caught my interest. We also passed The Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which are both incredible museums to see and easily hop off to visit.

Arriving back in Times Square, I got off the bus overwhelmed with images and thoughts about my experiences of Uptown and the Bronx that afternoon. I am sure that the pictures that I took and my review of these tours do not compare to my actual experience. Whether you are visiting New York for the first time, or you have lived here your whole life, the bus tour is an experience that is both extremely informative and eye-opening. I recommend you take a tour for yourself to fully understand what I am talking about.

To pre-purchase tickets for the Bronx Loop, visit our website now:  Bronx Loop Tickets

Review and photos by Megan Ryan

The Weekend in NYC: Go to space on the Intrepid

Each weekend, we like to tell you what’s up in New York.  This way, when you finish your bus tour or you’re just hopping off, you’ll know what to do.  Here’s what’s happening this weekend in New York City:

Image: intrepidmuseum.com

Intrepid SpaceFest

Yesterday the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum opened up its Space Shuttle Pavilion featuring the Enterprise, which many of you will remember making its journey into the harbor.  SpaceFest is a 5-day festival focused around the pavilion, and by all accounts it is awesome!  NASA is on hand all weekend providing exhibits and demonstrations suitable for guests of all ages, and on Friday you can even watch Star Trek from aboard the ship itself.  Anyone who is into space exploration won’t want to miss this event.

Soccer at Yankee Stadium

Baseball’s (New) Cathedral has hosted plenty of sporting events since it opened in 2009.  There are 80+ baseball games played each year, it is home to college football’s Pinstripe Bowl, and now we can add professional soccer to the list.  This weekend, European Champion Chelsea FC will take on Paris Saint-Germain in a friendly as part of the World Football Challenge.  It’s fun that the stadium that hosts the world’s top baseball team will now play host to the world’s top soccer team as well.

Block Party!

The New Museum will be hosting their 6th annual block party this Saturday at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park.  The party begins at noon and is free to all.  Once the bash comes to a close, head over to the New Museum where you will receive free admission for the day.  This sounds like lots of fun with activities for comers of all ages.

If you have any weekend tip or just some questions looking for suggestions, email us at ask@graylinenewyork.com