NYC Activities for the Week of October 28

shops at bryant park

The Shops at Bryant Park

It’s Halloween Week, sports are coming back to The Garden, and after two years, Marathon Day is this Sunday. Here’s what’s going on in NYC this week:

New York Television Week 28-30 

Rangers Hockey is back in Madison Square Garden 28

The Knicks home opener in Madison Square Garden 30

18th annual Halloween Celebration at the American Museum of Natural History 31

Village Halloween Parade 31

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park open 1

Fall foliage photography exhibition at the Dana Discovery Center in Central Park 2

The New York City Marathon 3


This Memorial Day Weekend in NYC

(Editor’s Note: This week we waited until Friday to post TWiN, rather than Thursday like we normally do.  What do you say, do you like the extra day to prepare that we usually give, or should we keep posting on Fridays?  Let us know in the comments and vote below. – Kevin)

This weekend we’re giving you a TWiN special Memorial Day edition.  We’ve been covering Fleet Week and Memorial Day for a while now, but one last set of ideas couldn’t hurt, right?  So here you go, This Memorial Day Weekend in New York City:

Game 7

The Rangers and Devils hate each other, and aren’t convincing anyone otherwise anytime soon.  Right now, the Devils lead the best-of-7 series 3-2, but everybody has known since day one that this series was going the distance.  The Rangers first two playoff series went to game 7.  The Rangers/Devils Eastern Conference Finals in 1994 went to game 7.  The regular season series between the two teams was split evenly, 3-3.  It is in the stars, and on Sunday, we’ll have one more game to play.

Details: Sunday, 8 p.m., The Garden.  If you don’t have tickets, find a nice bar, because with the holiday on Monday, this city will be rocking Sunday night.

Beer Here

Today, the New York Historical Society Museum and Library is opening an exhibit called Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History.  Via their website, the exhibit “will survey the social, economic, political, and technological history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in the city from the seventeenth century to the present.” Very cool.

Memorial Day

We get an extra one this weekend, and we owe it to our troops.  Take the day and celebrate all of the sacrifices that our American heroes (and their families) have made for us.  If it weren’t for our troops protecting our freedom, our lives would be dramatically different.  Below are the suggestions that we have given all week on how to enjoy Memorial Day, but before we get there I have one more. Find a soldier and thank them personally.  They deserve it.

How to Beat the Crowd

Heroes Ride Free

The Memorials of NYC

Parade of Sail

Fleet Week/Memorial Day Specials

Memorial Day Activities

Fleet Week Photos