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Win Free Downtown Loop Tickets & Meet Reggie Jackson

Are you a New York Yankees fan? The first 50 people to show up in Yankees gear outside of the Gray Line New York Visitor Center at 11am on Wednesday, 5/11 will win a FREE Downtown Loop tour.

At noon, National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Reggie Jackson will join the bus & hand out autographed baseballs through trivia responses answered correctly by fans on the bus.  The Visitor Center is located at 777 8th Avenue in Times Square NYC.


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Gray Line NY vs The NY Yankees

Who has been around longer?

Years before Gray Line buses painted the backdrop of New York City tourism, the MLB was around – however, the Yankee name only came to fruition in 1913. Originally conceived in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, the franchise moved to New York in 1903 as the “New York Highlanders,” before being officially renamed 10 years later. While Gray Line New York is about to celebrate it’s 100th birthday, the Major League has been around since 1901, and even earlier if you count the existence of the National League which was formed in 1876. However, the Yankee franchise was born in 1913 – 3 years after Gray Line.

Which costs more?

A ticket for an All Loops Tour will cost an Adult $54 dollars to purchase in person, with a discounted online ticket priced at $49. For children, they can find a bargain of $39 on the web with the price being $44 in person. On certain game days you can score bleacher tickets for as little as $5 dollars, but prices vary widely depending upon stadium location, time of season, and opponent team. Tickets almost on the field will run you for as much as $300 bucks, and that doesn’t even count the executive luxury boxes.

Who has more fans worldwide?

Gray Line boasts a presence in over 150 locations around the world. Its carriers handle upwards of 25 million passengers a year. The Yankees are one of the few teams known in the MLB to have fans nationwide and even worldwide, with native New Yorkers and fans of the Big Apple in all 50 states. The Yankees also have a strong fan following in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and several other countries where notable Yankee legends hail from, such as Alex Rodriquez.

Who makes more stops, the Gray Line All Loops tour or the Yankees during Traveling season?

Passengers on board the All Loops tour make stops at 49 iconic locations in the downtown loop (such as Times Square and the Empire State Building), and passengers abroad the  Uptown Loop stop ten times, at places such as Central Park West and Fifth Avenue. There are 30 stadiums in the MLB, so the Yankees travel to 29 other locations throughout the course of the season.

Who sports the better uniform?

All Gray Line employees and bus tour members can be spotted with their recognizable street team uniforms – any tourist can easily recognize them even amongst the bustle of Times Square. What would become the most recognizable insignia in sports the interlocking “NY” made its first appearance on the uniforms of the New York Highlanders in 1909. With the exception of minor alterations including bolder pinstripes in the 1940s, the Yankee uniform has remained unchanged for more than 60 years and has grown into another of the team’s great traditions.