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Second Presidential Debate Puts Long Islanders Center Stage

Photo Credit – Flickr: thelittleone417

Tonight while many New Yorkers will be tuning into TBS with hopes that the slumping Yankees will somehow turn it around against Justin Verlander, many more will be taking in the second Presidential Debate.  Millions of people all over the world will be watching tonight as President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney take center stage right here in New York.  Just outside of NYC boarders on Long Island, tonight’s debate, on domestic and foreign policy, will be held at Hofstra University.

Tonight’s debate will last 90 minutes and be coordinated in a town hall format.  This means that, unlike the first round, there will not be a moderator who is in charge of asking the questions and pushing the debate along.  Instead, “undecided” Long Islanders will be asking the candidates the questions that they want answered.  This unique opportunity gives Long Islanders the chance for their voices to be heard by the man who is going to lead our great nation for the next four years, and the millions who will be watching.

This time, unlike the famous town hall style debate from 20 years ago, there will be more structure.  Roughly 80 audience members from long island with various socio-economical, racial and political backgrounds have been selected by the Gallup Organization to submit questions.  About 12 of those people will be allowed to ask the two candidates their question.

Hofstra University recognizes what a special opportunity this is to host the second Presidential Debate for the students and residents of Long Island.  In preparation for tonight’s debate, Hofstra reportedly spent $3 million in planning and enhanced security measures.