ChiliFest 2013: The Hunt for the Golden Chili Mug

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Mmm… Chili

There’s just something about a hot, spicy cup of chili that makes even the coldest days of January a remarkable treat. And if you think there is no better way to celebrate the delicious dish than by eating unlimited amounts of chili and drinking an equal amount beer on a Sunday afternoon, than you’re in luck.

I present to you NYCChiliFest 2013: The ultimate celebration of chili, beer, and all things spicy!

On Sunday, January 27, dozens of the best chefs in New York will be competing for the elusive Golden Chili Mug 2013, and you get to test out all of the chili, yourself. A panel of celebrity judges will ultimately determine the winner, but your ticket will entitle you to all of the chili, Sam Adams beer (specially selected beers that go well with chili), and music that you can consume.

All of the proceeds from NYCChiliFest 2013 will go to the Food Systems Network NYC, which means that while grinding away at the chili, you will also be celebrating a good cause! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tickets are on sale now and will NOT be sold at Chelsea Market the day of the event. The Chili will be made by some of our favorite restaurants in NYC, including Wichcraft NYC, Jimmy’s No. 43, East Village Social and more.

If you’re enjoying the Downtown Loop on Sunday, hop off at the Union Square stop and walk east for Chelsea Market.

Photo Credit: flickr / quan ha