Tweet to Win!

This Sunday night, Make sure that you find time to watch the newest episode of 666 Park Avenue staring the most recent Ride of Fame honoree, Vanessa Williams.  Why is it so important that you tune in, you ask?  Because During last week’s Ride of Fame ceremony, Vanessa signed some great stuff for us to give away to fans, and we’re starting Sunday.

During the show, tweet @GrayLineNewYork your favorite quote.  If someone says something funny, if someone says something powerful, if someone says something inspiring, tweet it to us and one lucky follower will win the complete third season of Ugly Betty SIGNED by Vanessa Williams!

If you can’t catch the show live, make sure to DVR it and watch it by the end of the night because the winner is being announced Monday morning.  To claim your prize, you must live in the continental United States or be able to pick up the box set in New York City.


Ride of Fame to Honor Air Supply

Yesterday we talked about the IIi campaign, and today we’re putting it into practice.  On Saturday, October 13th, Air Supply will be honored as the inaugural Immortal member of the Ride of Fame.

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock compose one of pop music’s greatest duos of all time.  For 37 years the band has been taking the world by storm and now it is such an exciting time to be honoring them in New York City.  The Ride of Fame induction ceremony will be taking place at Pier 78 at 3 p.m., and afterward the band famous for such hits as “All out of Love,” “Lost in Love” and “Making Love out of Nothing at all,” will head over to B.B. King’s for two shows.

As always with the Ride of Fame, the fans come first, so once again we will be accepting VIP Requests.  Tweet at us, post on Facebook, and tell us why you deserve to be a VIP.  Next week we will let all of the VIPs know if they were selected.

The Ride of Fame: Immortal. It. Imminent.

If you’ve been following along, you may have heard that the Ride of Fame is taking on a new look.  The Ride of Fame is stretching its wings and expanding outside of New York.  This month, we are introducing three new categories to the mix:  Immortal.  It.  Imminent.  We will be honoring celebrities all across the world by commemorating their moment in time on the Ride of Fame.

  • Immortal:  The legend.  The person who will never leave our hearts, whose name we will never forget.  This is celebrity who has changed the world and will always be a part of history.
  • It:  It’s the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  It’s Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11.  The celebrity that is here-and-now.  ‘It’ is the story that everyone is talking about.
  • Imminent:  The up-and-comer.  The next big thing.  The celebrity that is right on the edge of greatness, it’s so close that we can taste it!

In the coming weeks, we will be initiating the IIi with a few Immortals.  Our Ride of Fame ceremonies are going to be bigger than ever, with red carpet entrances and a dedication unlike anything we’ve done before.  So, do you think you know who is coming up?  If you have been following the press, you should!  If not, stay tuned, because we have some more big announcements coming soon.

Another Ride of Fame, Another Chance to be a VIP With… Vanessa Williams!


For the third week in a row, Gray Line New York will be honoring a celebrity with her own double-decker bus.  The Ride of Fame will be honoring Vanessa Williams this Thursday at noon at Pier 78, and we are once again looking for VIP fans to join Ms. Williams at the ceremony!

Being a VIP at the Ride of Fame gives you incredible access to hang out with your favorite stars.  Come out to Pier 78 (38th and 12th, on the Hudson River) on Thursday for a meet and greet with the multi-talented performer after she is presented with her own decal on the front of one of our classic, red double-decker buses.

As always, if you would like to be a VIP, tweet “I want to be a VIP #VanessaROF” or email for more info.

Spot the Bus! (Giveaway)

Walt ‘Cylde’ Frazier is officially part of the Ride of Fame now and his bus is going to be traveling all around NYC.  On the front of each of our Ride of Fame buses is a special, customized decal for our honoree and Clyde’s looks like this:

Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s bus

Now that you have this image locked in your head, it’s time to play ‘Spot the Bus!’  If you see Clyde’s bus driving around NYC, snap a picture of it and share it with us.  Post it on our facebook page or tag it on twitter with the hashtag #SpotTheBus and you will get a free harbor cruise from CitySightseeing NY.  At the end of the month (Sept 30) we will randomly select one person who shared a picture to win an autographed basketball!

So get out there and spot that bus!

Photo must be taken on or after 9/21/2012. The winner must be the person who spotted the bus.  Submitting somebody else’s photo leaves you subject to disqualification.

Be a VIP for Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s Ride of Fame

As we announced on Facebook and Twitter this morning, New York Knick legend Clyde Frazier is the newest member of the Ride of Fame family.  On Wednesday, September 19th, we will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony with Clyde and a bus will be dedicated in his name.  Do you want to join us? It will be well worth it.

We are accepting VIP requests for the event now, and for a limited time only.  All VIP’s will get to ride on top of the double decker bus with Clyde, be given a $25 gift card to “Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine,” his delicious new restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, and be eligible to win some awesome stuff including autographed basketballs like the one in the picture below.  To request VIP access, tweetI want to be a VIP! #ClydeROF” or email  All weekend we’re going to be giving away some great stuff on Twitter so make sure you follow @GrayLineNewYork!**

The Ride of Fame ceremony will be held at Pier 78 at 12 p.m. on September 19th.  All VIP’s must meet on 8th Avenue and 47th Street one hour prior to the event, where they will be given a double-decker bus ride to the pier.

You could win this!

**You must be be able to pick up your prizes in NYC within 30 days if you win a twitter contest.

*UPDATE* The Statue of Liberty Interior Will Open in On July Fourth Weekend

UPDATE: Due to the Superstorm Sandy, Liberty Island will be closed for the remainder of 2012.  Re-opening date TBD, per National Park Service.

UPDATE #2: The Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island will re-open on July 4th, 2013, per National Park Service. In the meantime, if you would like to see the Statue of Liberty, try a New York Harbor Cruise for some of the best views of Lady Liberty.

Since last October, the interior of the Statue of Liberty has been closed due to renovations.  Many tourists who come to New York each year want to climb to the top of Lady Liberty because it represents New York, America and Freedom unlike any other monument.  But for the past year they have been out of luck.

On October 28, the Statue’s 126th birthday, the interior of the Statue of Liberty will once again be open to the public!  Right now, Statue sightseeing has been limited to trips to Liberty Island and harbor cruises around the monument, but finally we will now be able to climb into the crown again.

Now that the Statue of Liberty is going to re-open, do you plan on making a trip?  Have you ever been before?  Let us know in the comments.