5 Things You Didn’t Know About NYC Museums

The Museum of the City of New York is giving out free breakfast every morning: With a City Sights or New York pass, get your day started with an H&H Midtown Bagels East bagel and cup of coffee graciously given to early-bird museum visitors. This also includes a 20 minute talk with tips about getting the most out of the Big Apple and an exclusive screening of Timescapes, a 22-minute film that gets into the history of New York.


Photo: Museum of the City of New YOrk

There’s a bar on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar allow for panoramic views of New York City with an unbeatable view of Central park. This rooftop luxury is definitely a hidden treasure within the Met. However, the elevator that takes you up top may be a little tricky to find, so don’t hesitate to ask any of the guides for help.

photo: Met Museum

You can stay overnight at the American Museum of Natural History: Watch art work come to life once the sun goes down. Targeted mostly towards children, this huge sleepover includes endless activities including the exploration of nocturnal animals and a showing of Mysteries of the Unseen World in the LeFrak theatre. Also, with a registration of 15 people or more, you’re qualified for discounted price.

photo: Buff Strickland

The Museum of Modern Art has a rain room: Stand in the rain without getting wet. This technological demonstration allows you to be completely surrounded by water, yet dry where your body movements are sensed. This is looks just as cool as it sounds, and is an opportunity for awesome silhouette shots. It is known to have a long wait time, so make sure you get in line by at least 6 AM.

photo: Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art PS1 has a huge experimental music series called the Warm Up: This summer event takes the cake for a unique and distinctive activity. The line-up includes experimental acts and DJ’s that are upcoming artists with insane talent. Going from June 28th to September 9th, every Saturday means for discovering art in all places.

photo: Digital Music News


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