Where to Watch the World Cup in NYC

Once every four years, Americans remember that they love soccer. This year, the United States Men’s National Soccer Team is heading to Brazil to try and bring home the crown, but for those of us in NYC, we’ll have to watch the matches on TV. And that leaves us with one question:

Where in NYC Should I Watch USA in the World Cup?

The Football Factory at Legends

football factory

photo: yelp

Located right across the street from the Empire State Building, Legends is home to one of the best soccer atmospheres in NYC. Head down the stairs to the basement for what is known as “The Football Factory” if you’re looking to get really into it with singing and chanting throughout the games.

Jack Dempsey’s

jack dempsey soccer

photo: yelp

Dempsey’s Pub on 33rd street is the official party spot for the American Outlaws, the USMNT’s rowdy cheering section. Surround yourself with the country’s most passionate fans at this bar, but make sure you study your song lyrics first.

Studio Square Beer Garden

studio square

photo: timeout

Head out to Astoria for a little outdoor atmosphere while cheering on The Yanks. Watch the game with delicious beer and a 160 foot screen with a thousand of your closest friends.

Nevada Smith’s

nevada smiths

photo: everigie.com

Over on the east side of Manhattan is Nevada Smith’s, “where football is religion” as they like to say. They have four floors of action and I can assure you, there will be four floors of USA Soccer when the games kick off.

The Madhatter Pub

madhatter pub

photo: facebook.com/madhatternyc

During the season, the Madhatter serves as the official Manchester City bar in NYC. They won the Premier League. By that logic, if we all go to watch the USMNT at the Madhatter, we should win the World Cup, right?

The Manchester Pub

manchester pub

photo: yelp

The Manchester Pub has confirmed that they will be showing every game for every team, live and with sound on, throughout the World Cup. Also, depending on which teams are playing, the pub will be serving drink specials based around the country’s exports.

The Blind Pig

blind pig nyc

photo: yelp

Another bar known for having a strong year round soccer presence, The Blind Pig serves as the home of NYC Arsenal Supporters. Come world cup time, this place will be packed with USMNT supporters.

So, which bar are you going to to watch Team USA go all the way? Tell us on twitter at @GrayLineNewYork! Do you support another nation? Check out NYC & Company’s list of bars for each country in this year’s World Cup.


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