2014 NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route, Time, and More Questions Answered

On the morning of Monday, March 17 at 11:00 a.m., one of NYC favorite traditions is back for another round of pomp and circumstance. The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade is back to take over 5th avenue in a sea of green!

Every year, we get lots of questions about St. Patrick’s Day, and the parade itself, so let us get to the answers:

When is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC?

The 2014 NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, March 17. It’s the nation’s oldest Irish tradition, first being held on St. Patrick’s Day over 250 years ago.

Where in NYC is the parade?

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade runs up 5th avenue, against the normal flow of traffic. The parade begins on 44th Street and travels north to 79th Street.

Who marches in the parade?

The St. Patrick’s Day parade consists of mostly Irish American groups from NYC and local areas. This includes many bands, public officials, and more. Unlike other popular NYC parades, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade does not have any floats or balloons. This year, the Mayor has said that he will not march.

Who is this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal?

John (Jack) T. Ahern, the Business Manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 30.

Where’s the best place to stand along the parade route?

This a tough question, but I have a few recommendations for you

  • 67th Street, West Side: There’s extra room once you get to Central Park, and at 67th street there’s an entrance to the park so at the parades conclusion you can quickly cut through to your exit
  • The Pulitzer Fountain, 58th Street: Again, there’s lots of room here and different levels of elevation the further off the street you find yourself.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The steps of the Met are probably the best place to catch the parade. It’s almost like stadium seating for the conclusion of the event.

Just remember wherever you stand, get there early if you want to be on the street.

Any other advice for St. Patrick’s Day rookies?

Yes. Have fun, but be responsible. The Guinness will surely be flowing from the taps like the River Liffey, so remember to pace yourself and don’t do anything stupid.

Are you coming to NYC for St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us about it on Twitter at @GrayLineNewYork 


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