What Does It Mean When Our Buses Take A ‘Loop’?

ZZZ bus tour

We get lots of questions from our customers about what services we provide. One of the more popular questions is about the famous “loops” that our double decker buses travel on. What is a loop? Let us help:

GrayLine_27The simple answer is that a “loop” is the path that each of our double decker bus tours travels, but there are some key details that you should also know about the loops.

  • All of the loops begin and end at the same point, hence the term loop
  • The loops are NOT continuous. This means that each loop has a starting point and an ending point. At the starting point, you are greeted by an empty bus. At the ending point, the bus may go out of service and all of the passengers will have to leave the bus.
  • The loops all have stops along the way. We covered this in the Hop on, Hop off post.
  • A new bus begins a loop every 15-20 minutes, meaning that if you just missed one bus, you may have a short wait for the next to come.

And that pretty much sums it up. Still confused about what a loop is? Tweet us at @GrayLineNewYork and we’ll be happy to help!


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