What’s in a Street Name: The Bowery

cbgb bowery

In lower Manhattan, cutting through the East Village just north of Chinatown, there’s a little street called the Bowery. What was once Bowery Lane in the early 1800’s, Bowery is now one of the trendiest streets in all of NYC. Bowery, which name was derived from the Dutch word for farm, is now more than just a road cutting through Manhattan; it’s a neighborhood, an icon, and dare I say, a way of life. (Ok, that might be taking it a little too far.)

Since the 80’s, Bowery has been known as one of the music capitals of NYC. It is home to the Bowery Ballroom, CBGB, The Bowery Poetry Club and more. It’s a far cry from the farming days of the street’s origin.

image via flickr / Rob Boudon


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