The Best Delis in NYC

Katz’s Deli

flickr / TheGirlsNY

flickr / TheGirlsNY

It’s where Harry met Sally and Sally got a little excited eating that pastrami sandwich. That being said, Katz’s Deli will sometimes make you feel that way. It may be a little touristy because of all of its fame, but it hold up.

Carnegie Deli 



The only Deli with a larger crowd than Katz’s is probably the Carnegie Deli, and it’s because of the location. Right on 7th Avenue in Midtown, Carnegie Deli is, again, maybe a little touristy, but it holds up.

2nd Avenue Deli 



The 2nd Avenue Deli has moved to 3rd avenue at 33rd, but it hasn’t lost its touch. It’s another great spot and this one doesn’t have the tourism pull of Katz’s and Carnegie.

Fine & Schapiro 



If you’re uptown, you may want to stop in Fine & Shapiro on 72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam. For my money, it’s the best Kosher delicatessen you’ll find north of 59th street.

But hey, this list is all arbitrary. Who am I to tell you what the best Delis are in NYC? There are what, a couple hundred deli’s spread across this town? I haven’t been to them all so you tell me, what’s your favorite deli? Let us know on twitter at @GrayLineNewYork!


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