The Puppy Bowl X Experience


With the Super Bowl in to NYC this week, Times Square has been turned into every football fans dream theme park. We’ve talked about the toboggan and the parties, but there’s something we haven’t mentioned that has become a staple of Super Bowl Sunday in the greatest way: The Puppy Bowl

If you’re unfamiliar, the Puppy Bowl is an Animal Planet special that airs during the day on Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much what you’d expect. There’s a bunch of puppies on a football field playing with toys and it’s adorable. This year is Puppy Bowl X, and to celebrate Discovery Times Square has opened the ultimate Puppy Bowl Exhibit, which includes the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame and real live puppies.

Yesterday we took the journey and here are the highlights of the experience:

You enter the exhibition through the Puppy Locker Room

At this point there are no live puppies, just their lockers and uniforms, along with an introductory video. Everybody in the locker room is smiling with excitement.


Stage 2 brings you to the game area

They have a bunch of puppy themed games set up including cornhole, ladder golf, Frisbee tossing, and paper football field goal kicking. This is a great area for the kids to have some fun before getting into the puppies.

Mo the carpet puppy

There’s one puppy in the game area sitting on a table who is a celebrity. Mo starred in a carpet commercial and is posing for pictures with people. As of now, the website with the pictures isn’t working, but hopefully it comes back soon so I can make a new Facebook profile picture.

Adopt a puppy

As we transition from the game room to the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame, there are several puppies hanging out with trainers hoping to be adopted. They are all adorable and if I had an apartment bigger than a closet, there’s a 100% chance I would have taken one.


The Hall of Fame is really awesome

So the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame is about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. There are giant pictures on the walls of puppies who have been inducted, their names, which Puppy Bowl they played in, and what they did to make it into the hall. Eli scored the most TDs ever in a Puppy Bowl. They also have equipment from Puppy Bowls past such as the ‘Favorite Football’


They have a full size playing field with actual puppies playing a pickup football game

It’s just like the real life Puppy Bowl, except I’m a spectator. Last week I went to the Stadium Series hockey game between the Rangers and Devils which was played outdoors in Yankee Stadium while it snowed, and this is the coolest sporting event I’ve seen this year.

I obviously hung out here for an extended period of time watching the puppies play, as did most of the people who were there in the experience. If you’re coming to town for Super Bowl XLVIII, the Puppy Bowl Experience has to be on your list of things to do. Oh, and it’s FREE!



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