Super Bowl XLVIII on a Budget


This may take a large chunk of your budget up, even for a night or two. There are a few ways you can play your card.

Stay in another borough: You can stay a fast 35 minutes from the stadium by staying at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Staten Island. It is very conveniently located if you have rented a car or used one to get here. You can stay there this weekend for just under $200 a night. Bargain!

Last minute city deals: New York City is probably known as much for the Empire State Building as their overpriced hotel rooms. Last minute deals are your way to score a deal here, just keep checking back. Not ideal if you’re already on your way in but the app Hotel Tonight could help you sort through your options.


via flickr / benzado

via flickr / benzado

Super Bowl activities are by the masses here. Super Bowl Boulevard will take a big chunk of your time up while waiting for the big game and the best part is it is all basically FREE! You can check out exactly what’s going to be going on there and when here.

Looking for something other than being wrapped up in the Super Bowl? Luckily you’ve found yourself right in the middle of Broadway Week where you can get play tickets 2 for 1, now that’s a touchdown!

Getting Around:

You have two options here. Rent a car or mass transportation. We can’t stress enough how much time and money taking the MTA or NJTransit is going to be. Head into any subway station and pick up a Metrocard, if you are lucky it will be a limited edition Super Bowl designed one and then you also have a authentic Super Bowl XLVII souvenir!


One piece of advice for this category – stay away from Times Square. Use the Metrocard you just bought and head downtown or uptown, and then let your nose guide you. A lot of great pubs and bars will be having specials, especially around lunch time you could drink and eat for a fraction of the price. Check their chalk board menus they usually keep outside and see if they interest you. Eat a heavy lunch and keep it simple for dinner.


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