The Best Beaches Near NYC to Getaway for the Day


Without a question, beaches are a must go during the summer, but what New Yorkers do have to question is where to go. I’ve heard horror stories about beach experiences in New York City, but there are some beaches in and around the city that you can trust. Even if it takes an hour and a half to get there, it’s still easy to get to and your journey will be worth it.

  1. Long Beach Bring your umbrella and the family to have fun in the sun. It’s easy to get here from the city, just take the LIRR and enjoy the sand and waves.
  2. Rockaway Beach I bet you thought it was no possible way you can surf in NYC! This beach is the city’s only legal surfing beach. Although it’s in Queens, this one is exceptional with cleaner sand and less crowded than the city beaches.
  3.  Fire Island-Fair Harbor If you want to just get away from the city take the LIRR or drive to Long Island and just relax on the beach. Oh and if you want to feel like you’re on a vacation just a day by yourself this is the beach for you.
  4.  Sandy Hook New Jersey is right next door. Why not check out an absolutely clean and beautiful beach that you can reach in under an hour without that much traffic.
  5.  Seaside Heights Another beach in New Jersey to look forward to visiting this summer! Not only can you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, but there is a boardwalk filled with so many things to do for the kids and plenty of bars to keep the adults occupied. Oh, and the waterpark is just icing on the cake!

We want to make sure you think back on your summer and remember that fun day at the beach if you haven’t already whether it’s in or near New York! Where’s your favorite beach?

Photo Credit: Flickr/whgrad


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