A Tropical Paradise in NYC

flower, garden

Beginning this weekend, the New York Botanical Garden will be hosting a new exhibition that is sure to put you in a peaceful state of mind. Escape away to a Tropical Paradise.

“You’ll feel like you are on vacation without leaving New York.” That’s how they describe this new exhibition, which looks to be the perfect getaway from the always daunting New York City winter. It may be cold out, but this collection that includes orange-yellow crotons, fuchsia bromeliads and many more beauties will make you feel nice and warm on the inside.

The New York Botanical Garden will also be holding a photography contest for the Tropical Paradise exhibition, as well as guided tours and a scavenger hunt through the garden!

Tropical Paradise will be on display January 19-February 24. Tickets are $20 for an adult, which is substantially less than actually flying to a tropical paradise, so it’s totally worth it.

Photo Credit: Flickr / just_a_name_thingie

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