Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate in NYC

hot chocolateThe cold weather may have taken a while to get here this winter season, but it finally found its way.  2013 has been a cold year thus far and it looks like that trend is going to hold true for some time to come.  This is fine though, because in New York City, we have hot chocolate, and nothing goes better with the cold of NYC than a blistering cup of chocolatey goodness.  While we are inevitably leaving some people off of this list, here are some of our favorite cups of hot coco in NYC:

Jacques Torres

“Mr. Chocolate” has brought the treat to w whole new level.  Some of the richest hot chocolate in town, you can try some at his new home in the 30 Rock Concourse, or stop into one of his other locations in Greenwich Village or on the UWS.

City Bakery

New York Magazine once said, “…what Khatz’s is to pastrami… City Bakery is to hot chocolate.”  That is just about a high praise as you can get in a food review.  Stop by their 18th street location in February, when they will have a new flavor every day of the week.

Omonia Cafe

This cafe found on Broadway in Astoria, Queens is one of the best you will find outside of Manhattan.  The hot chocolate is superb and definitely worth a taste.

Tea Lounge

Head out to Park Slope for a hot white chocolate to die for.  That is all you need to know.

Cocoa Bar

Another Park Slope joint, Cocoa Bar’s traditional hot chocolate might just be the best in all of New York.  When it’s cold outside, Cocoa Bar is the place to go.  Don’t forget to try their Manhattan location as well.

Photo Credit: Flickr / Martin Cathrae


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