Students, Welcome Back to School!

Ok, it may be a little early to be welcoming college students back for the Fall semester, but it’s never too early to start making plans.  Beginning August 16th, Gray Line New York will be offering all college students from the Tri-State area half priced tours!

Maybe you’re coming to NYC for freshman orientation and you want to learn more about the place you’re going to call home for the next four years.  Maybe you and your college friends want to see NYC from a different perspective.  Maybe you’re a Rutgers student who’s coming to Manhattan for the day and want to take advantage of a cheap tour.  This tour is for you!

What’s that?  You family is coming with you but they aren’t currently enrolled in college?  If they’re with you, they get 10% off as well.  Your summer may be over, but the fun doesn’t have to stop.

For more information on this discount follow this link to the Gray Line New York website.


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