Park Avenue is closing for NYC Summer Streets


It can be tough to close portions of busy streets in major cities, but it does happen from time to time.  In Paris, Champs Elysees closes to traffic for the finish of a bike race.  Parts of Oxford Street in London have closed in the past so that Christmas shoppers don’t get crushed (if you’ve ever shopped on Oxford Street, you know this is a legitimate concern).  Well in New York City, we close down almost 7 miles (7 miles?!) of Park Avenue on three consecutive weekends in the summer, just so people can have fun.

During the first three Saturday’s in August, Summer Streets is taking over Park Avenue.  From 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., one of the busiest streets in the world will be opened up to the public to do pretty much whatever we want.  There will be art workshops, rock climbing walls, food markets, workout sessions, a zip line and more!  Fun can be had by the whole family.

This is the 5th year of NYC Summer Streets and it is such a great time.  Get out of your apartment (hotel room) and have some fun, go for a run, ride a bike, play some games.  New York is shutting down 7 miles (7 miles?!) of road for you, so you better take advantage of this truly unique opportunity.

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