Harlem Week 2012

Harlem Week, 2011
Photo: harlemweek.com

One thing that’s great about New York is its weeks.  Yeah, it has 52 just like any other city, but the weeks in New York are special, because they seemingly all have a extra significance.  Whether it’s Fleet Week or Pride Week or Restaurant Week; there is always something great going on.  And to top it off, New Yorkers love their weeks so much that we don’t even limit them to a week!  Fleet Week lasted 8 days; Pride Week 9 days; Restaurant Week is already 10 days deep and we’re not even half way home!  Yeah, there is something special about New York City and its weeks.

This weekend is the start of another week in the Big Apple: Harlem Week.  What originally started out as a day of celebration in 1974, Harlem Week has turned into a festival of events that encompasses over a full month of the calendar year.  And why should it only last 7 days when there is so much to celebrate about the uptown neighborhood.

  • On Saturday and Sunday, begin Harlem Week with “A Magical Weekend in Harlem,” and event for the whole family!  Art will be on display, musicians will be on the street and there will be activities for the kids.  Swing over to 104th between Lexington and Park for this free event.
  • Every Wednesday night in August the world famous Apollo Theater will feature Amateur Night, a timeless tradition and salute to the young talent within the community.  This will be a ticket work getting.
  • Street ball and Harlem go together like apple pie and America.  Some of the most gifted basketball players in the world got their starts playing on the hard courts uptown.  During the first two weeks of August, Holcombe Rucker Park will play host to the Entertainers Basketball Classic, a free event starting at 6 p.m. every night. (Yes this is the event that NBA Star Kevin Durant set on fire last year) 

For a full list of events and to learn more about Harlem, visit harlemweek.com.


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