This Weekend in NYC: CBGB

CBGB Festival

Each weekend, we like to tell you what’s up in New York.  This way, when you finish your bus tour or you’re just hopping off, you’ll know what to do.  Here’s what’s happening this weekend in New York City:

CBGB Festival

CBGB, one of New York City’s proudest music clubs, closed down back in 2006.  The club that became a punk rock icon, featuring bands like the Ramones and Misfits, had closed up shop to the dismay of music lovers everywhere.  This weekend, its spirit will live on through the CBGB Festival.  Featuring hundreds of bands at 30 venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, the CBGB is set to be one of the best festivals in NYC this year.

Lincoln Center Festival

Another festival to appreciate this weekend is the Lincoln Center Festival.  The Lincoln Center, which hosts some of the finest performing arts in the world, will be holding a festival beginning this weekend and continuing through August 5th.  You can see Macbeth, the Paris Opera Ballet and more during this month of fun.

French Restaurant Week

Beginning this weekend (Sunday) and continuing through next, French Restaurant Week is back with a great deal.  All participating restaurants will be offering a $17.89 promotion in honor of its first year of existence.  And there are a lot of restaurants.  This Sunday head out with your family for some delicious cuisine with French Restaurant Week.


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