Photo Friday Just Got Sweeter!

image: tasti-D-lite Time Square Facebook

For the past month and a half, we’ve been giving away free tickets to our double decker bus tours on Facebook by playing Photo Friday.  This week, we’re going to make things a little bit more interesting because we’re not just giving away bus tickets anymore.  Tasti-D-Lite Times Square is getting in on the mix and is also tossing in a couple of free Tasti treats to go along with our bus tickets.  That’s right, now you win tour tickets and free dessert!  It doesn’t get better than this!

This also opens up a new opportunity, because Tasti-D-Lite Times Square will playing as well.  When Photo Friday begins at 10:30 today, the picture will be posted on Tasti-D-Lite’s timeline as well as ours.  If you answer the question in the comments on our timeline and Tasti’s timeline you will be entered TWICE into the random drawing for the prize!  Don’t miss you opportunity for an extra entry and answer the question on both pages for your best chance to win!


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