Miss USA 2012 This Sunday and a Recap of New York Week

We are just two days away from the crowning of the next Miss USA and we cannot help but reminisce about the time we got to spend with the lovely contestants last month.  We let the girls hop-on our buses and took them on a tour through the city as they traveled from media destination to media destination.  It was a chaotic few days for all of the contestants, but they were able to find some time to tweet out some pictures.  So without further ado, here is the story of Miss USA 2012 media week, told through twitpics while aboard our bus:

On our way to the Today Show @todayshow @RealMissOKusa @GrayLineNewYork – @RealMissNEusa, Amy Spilker

Doing some sightseeing! Thank you @GrayLineNewYork for the awesome tour! @RealMissOKusa @RealMissVTusa @RealMissWVusa – @RealMissNEusa, Amy Spilker

@GrayLineNewYork loving our bus ride! – @RealMissUTusa, Kendyl Bell

A little @Graylinenewyork bus time with my @therealrpm sister, @realmissncusa & @realmissscusa #missusa #nyc – @egrace, Erika Grace Powell

On the @graylinenewyork on the way to @cafemetro yummmmmm! ‪#lunchtime‬ ‪#missusa‬ – @RealMissKYusa, Amanda Mertz

@graylinenewyork @RealMissWSusa on the top deck touring #NYCMediaTour #missusa. Too fun ! #fb – @RealMissOHusa, Audrey Bolte

@graylinenewyork with @RealMissTXusa @RealMissWIusa – @RealMissSDusa, Taylor Niesen

Loving our ride on @GrayLineNewYork with @RealMissARusa. Don’t forget to tune into the @todayshow at 8:30ET! ‪#MissUSA‬ – @RealMissMOUSA, Katie Kearney

Love our sick @GrayLineNewYork double decker that drove us around the past 2 days! #missusa #fb – @RealMissOHusa, Audrey Bolte

We had so much fun with all of the girls here and there were so many more awesome pictures that we just didn’t have time to track down (The Boat ! ).  So everyone tune into NBC on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST. to find out who is the next Miss USA, and to all of the girls who joined us on their trip to NYC, good luck in Vegas!


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