This Weekend in NYC: Music in Manhattan

New York City always has concerts during weekends, especially in the summer.  Some weekends happen to be better than others, and this is one of them.  From the best up-and-coming bands in Manhattan to an international superstar playing for free, this weekend is all about the music (and space!)

Battle of the Boroughs (image:

Battle of the Boroughs, Manhattan

Find out who is the best up-and-coming band in New York City with Battle of the Boroughs.  Each borough puts on a show with 13 bands and the winner gets invited to the ultimate battle to represent their borough.  On Friday, Manhattan will host their battle to see who makes it to the final showdown on June 29.  The show begins at The Greene Space at 7 p.m.

Tom Sachs Space Program: Mars

Artist Tom Sachs has turned the Park Avenue Armory into an incredible space journey to Mars.  Find out all that is needed for survival, scientific exploration and even colonization in outside worlds.  In truth, this cool exhibition has been open since mid-May and is open until June 17, but it is definitely something that I would check out if I was in town to the weekend.

Free Brad Paisley Concert in Central Park

Good Morning America is hosting a free Brad Paisley Concert in Central Park on Friday Morning as part of their Summer Concert Series.  If you’re in New York, head out to Rumsey Playfield in the park or if you’re out of town, just turn on GMA.  The concert will take place live between 7 and 9 a.m.  Look closely and you’ll see one of our buses driving fans from GMA’s Times Square Studio to the park for the show!


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