Dine Like Mad Men in New York City

For those of you who are avid Med Men fans, this weekend will bring you the relief that you’ve been seeking for the past 17 months: A new episode.  The old English proverb goes, “All good things come to those who wait,” and wait we have.  On Sunday night, the wait will finally come to an end.  Season 5 kicks off in what would be 1965 New York City, so we decided to look back at our own history.  How can we still get a taste of that 1960’s Manhattan life?  Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of Don Draper’s favorite hangouts which still exist today:

*SPOILER ALERT* The rest of this article will feature moments from the television series Mad Men. If you do not want spoilers for season 1-4, you should stop reading now.

image via la-grenouille.com

La Grenouille – In season 3, key members of the British ad agency Putnam, Powell and Lowe make a visit to the United States before purchasing Sterling Cooper.  They meet with Draper and the gang at La Grenouille, one of New York City’s finest French restaurants. As recently as two years ago, the New York Times has written a glowing review of the Midtown eatery.  To enjoy this fantastic restaurant, Hop-off at Rockefeller Center and walk up 5th Avenue to 52nd Street.

PJ Clarke’s– After Peggy Olsen successfully pitches her campaign to Belle Jolie in season 1, she goes out to celebrate at PJ Clarke’s with a few of her coworkers.  They drink, they dance and have an all-around fun time at the old saloon.  Still open today on 3rd and 55th, Hop-off at the Astoria=Waldorf Hotel and you’re just a few blocks away.

image via pjclarkes.com

Grand Central Oyster Bar – If you’re in the mood for seafood, you can Hop-off at the same Waldorf Hotel location and walk down Park to the Grand Central Oyster Bar.  Don and Roger Sterling eat and drink themselves under the table in the season 1 episode, “Red in the Face.” Still to this day considered one of the best oyster bars in New York City, Grand Central has been open since 1913.

Keens Steakhouse – Don and Pete Campbell head to Keens Steakhouse in season 3 to talk business over a couple of delicious pieces of meat.  You can check out one of the finest steakhouses in all of New York City, just two blocks up from Herald Square.  Hop-off at The Empire State Building stop for a short walk to a big porterhouse.

Sardi’s – In Season 2, Don, comedian Jimmy Barret and his wife, Bobby head over to Sardi’s for a celebratory drink.  Even though Don’s relationship with the Barret’s may have crumbled, Sardi’s is still going strong, in its 86th year of business.  Located next to the St. James Theater on 44th, Hop-off at Times Square for a fresh Old Fashioned at Sardi’s.

And of course, put on your nicest skinny tie, pour yourself a scotch on the rocks and enjoy the season 5 premiere of Mad Men, Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

To hop-off at all of these locations, check out Gray Line New York’s Downtown Loop and don’t miss out!


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