It’s Hop-Off Madness!

March is here, and if you’re a sports fan, this means one thing: Madness! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has already started, pitting 68 of the best colleges in the nation against one another to see who reigns supreme.

Here at Gray Line New York, we decided that it was about time we set up a bracket of our own.  We have so many hop-on hop-off locations throughout Manhattan, it’s almost impossible to decide which is best.  That is why we took to the streets and are asking you to help us.  The selection committee has deliberated and the seeds are set:

In the Downtown Bracket

#1) Empire State Building

#4) Soho

#3) Rockefeller Center

#2) Times Square

And in the Uptown Bracket

#1) Apollo Theater

#4) Grant’s Tomb

#3) Central Park South

#2) Museum Mile

The battle on the streets counts as 50% of the vote to see who moves on and your vote online makes up the other 50%.  With the competitors in the downtown bracket facing off on the streets yesterday, let’s see how the first match-up went:

#1 Empire State Building vs #4 Soho

There was no upset here, but you still have a chance to change that.  Can Soho make a second half comeback?  Go over to our facebook page NOW and vote for your favorite!  Don’t forget to tell us why in the comment section.  Did we miss your favorite hop-off location? Let us know!

If you want to take one of our tours and see for yourself where the best hop-off spot is, be my guest.  And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when Rockefeller Center tries to take down Times Square!


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