The Gossip Girl Tour in NYC

“That’s one secret I’ll never tell..” may be the Gossip Girl motto, but in this particular case, we’re excited to spill the beans.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I ventured off to Madison Avenue in between 50th and 51st Streets to board the white motor coach bus for the extremely popular Gossip Girl Tour.

About thirty others were already anxiously sitting on board the bus; all major fans of the hit CW television show, Gossip Girl. Women of all ages (and even a few reluctant husbands!) sat tall in their comfy chairs with their eyes glued to a short promo reel describing the tour. We were pleasantly surprised about the exclusive interview with Dororta, Blair Waldorf’s loveable housekeeper.

Our tour guide was a bubbly Florida transplant who moved to New York City a few years back to become an actor. She honestly gave the best tour and we know she’ll make the big time soon!

After her quick introduction, the tour bus made its way up 5th Avenue, passing the many ritzy boutiques and coffee shops where Serena and Blair spend their free time.

An exhilarating rush of excitement suddenly hit me, knowing that the entire Gossip Girl cast had all roamed these well-kept streets in the prestigious Upper East Side.

Our first stop during the tour was the filming location of The Constance Billard School for Girls/St. Jude School for Boys where Blair, Serena, Dan and Chuck all attend school.

We all had the opportunity to hop-off the bus for about 15 minutes and explore the front steps of the school and even the Central Park Conservatory Garden.

Did you know that in real life, the gate to the Conservatory Garden above was donated by Nate’s family, the Vanderbilts?

Our next stop was The Metropolitan Museum of Art where Blair and friends gossip on its grand steps during their daily lunch hour.

Our guide shared a ton of top-secret filming locations, including Chuck Bass’ Empire Hotel where many infamous scenes take place.

One of my favorite hop-off locations was Dylan’s Candy Bar, a giant three-story candy shop where Rufus shops for tasty Halloween candy.

If you have time, make sure to climb to the third floor and order a tasty cupcake from Crumb’s Bakery! Best. Cupcake. Ever.

Gossip Girl Tour Fun Facts:

  • Spot 40+ filming locations from the escorted bus
  • Hop-off at 4 stops to take pictures
  • 3.5 hours of behind the scenes moments
  • Local NYC actor as your tour guide

Book the NYC Gossip Girl Tour here.


– Shannon, the Community Manager at Gray Line New York


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