Gray Line New York’s Foursquare Day VIP Bus

On 4/16/2011, thirty tech-savvy New Yorkers checked into Foursquare Day NYC on the ‘Gray Line New York 4sqDay VIP Bus’.

Foursquare Day NYC was organized by Will Kievit, an IT project leader for GE’s Information Management Leadership Program, and Shannon May, the Community Manager at Gray Line New York.

Over 200 attendees checked-in at SideBAR for the event, including foursquare co-founders, Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadura. Despite the unfortunate monsoon outside Saturday night, everyone had a blast!

Sponsors included some of our favorite brands, including Pretzel Crisps and Tasti  D-Lite.

When guests stepped on board the bus, they were each instantly greeted with frozen, low-calorie Tasti Sandwiches from Tasti D-Lite Times Square which Bill Warshaw, the manager, graciously donated.

Did you know with your 1st foursquare check-in at Tasti D-Lite Times Square, you receive a free upgrade to the next larger size on any product or a free topping? Mmm count us in.

Make sure to pop by Tasti D-Lite at 1588 Broadway in order to receive this yummy deal!

Pretzel Crisps also donated 50 “swag bags” of their delicious Everything Flavor Pretzel Crisps exclusively for the VIPs on board the bus.

Have you ever tried Pretzel Crisps? Just imagine an everything flavor bagel and crunchy pretzel combined into one– seriously delish!

Throughout the trip to SideBAR, tour guide Danny shared  interesting facts about the city while each VIP checked in on foursquare.

SoChel” (South Chelsea) was one of the many venues that VIP’s checked into in hopes of unlocking the Swarm Badge. Make sure to check-in at SoChel if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

So now you may be wondering… who is the mayor of the 4sqDay VIP Bus? This guy.

Thank you again to all of the VIP’s who took our tour!

Click here to learn more about foursquare Day.

Click here to check-in at the Gray Line New York Visitor Center on foursquare.


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