Gray Line New York 1970’s

Check out these images from the 1970’s of Gray Line New York Sightseeing buses! More pics here  Gray Line New York 1970’s



  1. I was just in new york for the first time on July 2nd til July 6th and while there my sister and I couldn’t decide on which tour bus company to use, we ended up on your bus(smile) and what a great bus company it was. I met one of your employees by the name of Lawrence White and he turned out to be a true blessing.I broke my back in April of 2007 and I can’t walk long distance so I use a scooter, I saw Lawrence and ask him if it was okay for me to get on the bus with my scooter and he told me of course, he then put me on the bus first and had another one of his co-workers help put my scooter on.He made me feel so special with all his kindness and patience.I took the up town tour once and the downtown tour twice, on my last downtown tour my grand-babies bag with their baseball caps had fell out my basket and I hadn’t noticed it till I was back in my hotel room, I then went back to the stop I was dropped off at and ran into Lawrence again and told him what had just happened.Thank God the driver was still there and Lawrence explained to him what was going on and the bus driver said he gave the bag to the tour guide and Lawrence said he sent him home, but he was going to contact the office to see if he had left it there, and sure enough the manager told Lawrence he had it, then the manager told Lawrence he would be there in about ten minutes to bring it. I got my babies hats and wanted to give Lawrence a tip and he refused to take it, I said you have been a true blessing to me since I met you yesterday and this tip is just one of God’s blessings in your life, Lawrence bent over and whispered in my ear “God has blessed me with this job”, we then smiled at each other, I then ask him if it was okay for me to give him a hug instead, he said yes, I’ll take a hug.When you run into great people in a town you have never been in and they do something so wonderful for you that’s so small you never forget those people, and Lawrence is one of those people you have working for your company, and I think you should recognize him as one of the true outstanding superb employee your company could have ever added as it’s team member. When I’m ever back in New York again I look forward to using your company and will look for that big smile and comfort that Lawrence White provides.

    1. Hi Mrs Thompson!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review, we greatly appreciate the feedback!

      We are so happy you had a great experience with our staff and we hope you enjoyed the tours as well!

      Be sure to come visit us again when you return!

      Thank you
      Gray Line NY

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