Gray Line pres. “Ride of Fame” with Rachel Ray

Gray Line New York, New York City’s premier double-decker bus and motorcoach tourism company, announces the launch of its “Ride of Fame” bus dedication campaign with New York-based Emmy Award-winning TV personality, and bestselling author Rachael Ray to be the inaugural personality honored.

Since 1926, Gray Line New York has been a proud staple of the New York City tourism industry, bringing visitors to all the must-see stops in New York City on its signature red double-decker tour buses. Now with its “Ride of Fame” campaign, Gray Line New York is recognizing and honoring leading New Yorkers, whom they identify as exemplary community figures. The city’s very own Rachael Ray stars as the first dedicatee.

“Gray Line’s double-decker buses are an iconic sight in NYC and as a New Yorker I am so honored to be the first dedicatee for their Ride of Fame,” says Rachael Ray.

When asked what an exemplary New Yorker means, David Chien, Director of Marketing for Gray Line New York said, “An exemplary New Yorker to us is a public figure who has represented New York positively in all of his or her endeavors and has proven why New York is the best city in the United States. Based on her hard work, personable character traits and all around charm, Rachael Ray fits the bill.”

The bus dedication will include the unveiling of a special full bus wrap applied to an iconic, open-top, red double-decker bus. Millions of sightseers will be able to “ride” the honoree’s bus each day for the remainder of the promotional month.

In addition, the dedicatee will be awarded with an unlimited lifetime ‘All Loops Tour’ pass, which includes a tour that covers all major landmarks in Downtown, Uptown Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as a Night Tour.

Hollywood may have its ‘Walk of Fame,” but now New York has its own mobile monument to immortalize New Yorkers honored by Gray Line New York for their contributions to making New York a great city. For more information, please visit,

Next month’s honoree will be Donald Trump!

Pictures of Rachel ray and more information


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  1. This is very cool. I feel that every major city should have their own city tour that hits all the spots that make the city what it is today. I’m sure that this “Ride of Fame” will attract many people.

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